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    About Femme by Katie Alex 

    Femme by Katie Alex is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation and reconstruction clinic based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, treating both UK-based and international clients. Katie’s clinic is easily accessible from Manchester and Cheshire, including Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Bowdon, Ashley, Mere, High Leigh, Moreley Green, Mobberley, Hale, Knutsford and the surrounding areas.

    Katie works with clients all over the UK, and often from even further afield! With excellent transport links both nationally and internationally, Femme by Katie Alex is both private and peaceful, but easily accessible for clients visiting from across the country.

    About Katie – Who is the “Cheshire Fairy Godmother”?

    Katie Alex is a highly qualified, specialised nurse who has worked in the medical field for over fifteen years. Katie founded her clinic in 2018 after seeing the huge-demand for non-surgical treatment options, and having learned about the incredible treatment that is Ultra Femme 360.

    Katie Alex is fast becoming one of the country’s most in-demand Ultra Femme practitioners, due to her dedication to her clients and her expertise in these cutting edge techniques.

    Katie is also regularly called on by the press and media to talk about the incredible benefits and results of the Ultra Femme treatment, which has earned her the nickname of the “Cheshire Fairy Godmother”!

    As a result of her strong medical background, Katie is completely committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of her patients from the moment they step into the clinic. Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance to Katie, and she always goes above and beyond to make sure you’re informed, safe and comfortable throughout your treatment.

    The results you’ll see from Femme by Katie Alex will often exceed your expectations, leaving you feeling beautiful, confident and like your most confident self.

    About The Clinic

    Hidden away in Wilmslow, far from the madding crowd, Femme by Katie Alex offers patients a truly luxurious and private treatment environment. Katie understands the importance of discretion for many women when receiving these highly personal treatments, and so ensures the clinic offers a high level of privacy and a completely individual treatment experience.

    As one of the country’s most exclusive intimate health clinics, Katie Alex is highly experienced and passionate about helping every single one of her clients feel amazing about themselves. From her beautiful clinic she has been changing the lives of women across Cheshire and the UK with her variety of revolutionary treatment options and caring, personable and high-quality service.

    Katie only ever treats one person at a time to ensure you get her full care and attention the entire time you are in the clinic. This minimal crossover also helps to maintain your privacy and comfort during your time at the clinic.

    Katie’s Approach

    Katie has recognised the demand for change within the field of women’s health, and is extremely proud to offer her unique and refreshing client-centred approach to intimate health treatment. In a field that is often hidden from view or treated as taboo by mainstream media, Katie’s medical experience, passion for her work and dedication to the safety and comfort of each and every one of her clients sets her apart from the rest.

    Her highly tailored, one-to-one service means that all of her clients are her sole focus the entire time they are in the clinic, allowing her to get to know you and tailor your treatment plan to you perfectly. Katie will always take the time to understand your concerns, any conditions you suffer with, what you want to see from your treatment, and how it will make a difference to your life.

    Whether it’s helping boost your confidence, helping to treat long standing issues such as incontinence or unhappiness with the most intimate parts of your body, or even helping to rekindle the spark in intimate relationships, Katie approaches every client with the same level of care, kindness and professionalism. Katie is an advocate for Ultra Femme 360 treatment and the truly incredible results it can have for women. She is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience and see a real improvement in your day-to-day life after your treatment at Femme by Katie Alex.

    Katie recognises the importance of medically led practice, and runs her clinic with this in mind. As a fully qualified nurse with over fifteen years of experience, Katie uses her medical expertise every day, and also brings a strong commitment to the privacy and confidentiality of her patients as part of her medical training.

    Katie also has partnerships with two GPs specialising in menopausal care and women’s health to ensure that she is always at the very forefront of women’s healthcare. This also means that Katie’s clients will always be taken care of appropriately and referred onwards to a specialist if Femme isn’t the right option for them.

    The Treatments

    At Femme by Katie Alex, Katie carefully selects her treatments to find innovative ways to help her clients feel incredible.

    From her Wilmslow clinic, Katie offers a tailored selection of highly specialised non-surgical treatments. This allows her to be an expert practitioner in all the treatments she carries out, to ensure the safety, comfort and effectiveness of intimate health procedures she offers.

    Ultra Femme 360

    Ultra Femme 360 is a truly revolutionary treatment in the field of intimate health. Using radiofrequency to stimulate natural collagen growth in the vaginal canal and the labia, lifting, tightening and plumping the tissues, this treatment can help improve the symptoms of vaginal laxity, and vaginal dryness, sensitivity in the vagina and labia, and help reduce the symptoms of incontinence. The results of Ultra Femme 360 treatment can be life changing, and Katie is known by her clients as the “Cheshire Fairy Godmother”!

    To find out more about Femme by Katie Alex, the clinic, the Ultra Femme 360 treatment, or to book your consultation with Katie, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic today on 0161 327 1734