Postnatal Vaginal Rejuvenation with Ultra Femme

Childbirth is a deeply profound process and an incredible feat by the female body, so there’s no wonder many women see significant changes in their bodies after giving birth!

At Femme by Katie Alex, many of Katie’s clients come to her with concerns after giving birth. Using Ultra Femme, Katie can help to improve women’s health and well being after having a baby in many ways, including:

  • Reduced stress incontinence
  • Reduced vaginal laxity
  • Improvements to the appearance of the labia majora and labia minora
  • Improved blood flow to the tissues
  • Increased sensation in the vagina, labia, and clitoris
  • Reduction in pain during sex and vaginal dryness

To learn more about how the “Cheshire Fairy Godmother” can help you with postnatal healthcare, keep reading or get in touch to arrange a consultation!

Common Changes to the Body After Giving Birth

After giving birth, all women will notice some significant changes to their body – this is completely natural and can take months or even years to return to normal. In some cases, these changes are relatively mild and aren’t a priority for new mothers, but in other instances, these changes can be significant and have a massive impact on your quality of life, which is where treatments like Ultra Femme 360 come in.

The structure of the vagina is, understandably, changed after childbirth, due to the strain put on the muscles, tissues and organs in the area. Many women feel ‘looser’, which indicates vaginal laxity, as while the vagina is able to stretch and contract throughout their lives, the rejuvenation process often becomes slower or not as efficient in postnatal women. Every day, our cells are working to renew old tissues and create new ones, and this happens all over the body. When the cell renewal processes work quickly, new tissue is brought in and old tissue removed before they lose strength and elasticity, but when this process is slowed, there can be a delay, resulting in muscle weakness, skin laxity (skin sagging) and an overall decrease in strength and vitality. After childbirth, many cells in this area will be strained or damaged, so the renewal processes naturally slow, which is what results in symptoms such as vaginal laxity.


Stress Incontinence

Another common issue women experience postpartum is pelvic floor dysfunction, which often manifests as stress urinary incontinence or SUI. Stress incontinence happens when the pelvic floor muscles – which usually support the bladder and pelvic organs – become strained, weakened or damaged. This can happen for many reasons, but the most common causes of stress urinary incontinence in women are changes brought on by menopause and childbirth. After giving birth, pelvic floor strength can take some time to come back, and many women suffer from SUI in the meantime. Generally, SUI is categorised as “chronic”, if it is still occurring three months after postpartum, and won’t go away without treatment. Since Ultra Femme strengthens the tissues in the vaginal canal and surrounding areas, the pelvic floor muscles actually receive more support from the rest of the body after Ultra Femme treatment. This not only increases pelvic floor strength, but also helps improve the effects of other pelvic floor function treatments, such as Kegel exercises, in the same way a sling helps to support the damaged area when you break a bone, for example.

Due to these changes in the pelvic floor and vaginal canal, around a third of women report struggling with stress incontinence after giving birth, as well as many more who experience vaginal laxity, a decreased sex drive and difficulty reaching orgasm, making it difficult to be intimate with a partner.

Reduced Sensitivity

Studies of postnatal women also show that the rugae in the vaginal canal (the ‘folds’ of tissue inside the vaginal canal that contribute to the elasticity of the vagina and assist in the action and production of natural vaginal microbiota) are less pronounced in women who have given birth than those who haven’t. This same strain on the body’s natural processes in the area may also affect arousal, including sensitivity and blood flow to the area, as well as the body’s lubrication mechanisms, which may also be affected. Many women report finding becoming aroused more difficult after childbirth and finding it more difficult to reach orgasm due to a decrease in sensitivity and a lack of lubrication during sex. By helping to improve the rate of cell turnover in the vaginal canal, vaginal rejuvenation procedures like Ultra Femme 360 also target these symptoms affecting women’s sex lives, resulting in improved sexual function and sexual satisfaction!


How Can Ultra Femme 360 Help?

Ultra Femme 360 can help to rejuvenate the vagina after childbirth, improving tissue strength and elasticity, as well as helping to reduce symptoms of stress incontinence. Using radiofrequency waves, Ultra Femme triggers the body’s own natural healing processes, resulting in the creation of new tissue in the vaginal muscles and internal and external areas. What this does is improve the overall tone of the muscles and tissues, tightens the skin and increases blood flow to the area, which treats a range of post-birth symptoms in a simple non-surgical procedure.

The Ultra Femme 360 Treatment Process

When you get in touch with Katie, she’ll have an initial telephone consultation with you to get to know you and your goals, understand what it is you want from your treatment and to get to know your medical history, to ensure that Ultra Femme is suitable for you. If you and Katie both agree that Ultra Femme is the right option for you, we’ll book you in for your first session at Katie’s quiet and luxurious Altrincham clinic.

The treatment uses a disposable wand that is inserted into the vagina and emits the radio frequencies that create Ultra Femme’s fantastic results. The internal treatment takes around eight minutes in total, and the external treatment takes around four minutes, so you can be in and out of the clinic in less than half an hour. The treatment doesn’t involve any needles, anaesthesia or pain, and most women actually find it quite comfortable – the most common sensation is a warmth that some people compare to the feeling of a hot stone massage.

After your first session, we’ll book you in for your second for a total of three treatment sessions to create optimum results. You’ll be able to feel results almost immediately after your first session, but the results of the treatment will continue to improve for up to 12 weeks after your final session! Top up treatments can also be booked in the future, and Katie will be able to advise you on if or when this may be necessary for you.

Lady pre treatment

Is Ultra Femme Right for You?

Ultra Femme is a completely non-surgical treatment, which makes it suitable for many women, however, there are a few contraindications that you should be aware of. If you have any of these contraindications, among others, Katie will be able to advise you on whether Ultra Femme treatment is right for you, and offer her expert opinion on alternative treatment options:

  • A copper coil in situ
  • A history of heart problems
  • A pacemaker
  • Recent positive or inconclusive smear tests
  • History of cancer in the past 5 years
  • Any metal implants in the abdomen or mid body 
  • Any vaginal infections
  • Any evidence of vaginal prolapse
  • If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding

To find out more about how Ultra Femme 360 can help you get your confidence back after having a baby, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Katie Alex on 0161 327 1734, or by using the form on our website.