Dermal Fillers in Hale, Cheshire

Many of us deal with facial lines and wrinkles that are present even on our static expression, leaving us looking less youthful and feeling self-conscious. Some of us are born with these lines, and some develop with age, with ageing also contributing to a loss of facial fat, often leaving us looking tired and gaunt.

Injectable dermal fillers are a popular non-surgical procedure at Katie Alex Aesthetics in Hale, Cheshire. Dermal Fillers can be used to treat fine lines and the effects of aging, as well as enhancing your natural features to give you the appearance you’ve always wanted.

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based fillers that are injected as soft gels under the skin, which effectively augment and restore volume loss, while also working to reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic ingredient used to hydrate and plump skin that naturally occurs in our bodies, hydrating it and giving it that healthy glow.

Hyaluronic based fillers dominate the dermal filler market and have an impeccable safety profile.

Katie Alex specialises in:

  • Lip augmentation.
  • Lip lines.
  • Smokers lines (vertical lines around the top lip).
  • Naso labial folds (nose to mouth lines).
  • Marionette lines (mouth to chin lines).
  • Cheek enhancements.

Katie Alex’s dermal fillers of choice are Juvederm’s premium VYCROSS® range from Allergan. VYCROSS® fillers contain a smoother gel for optimum comfort and precision placement thus reducing swelling and bruising.  They also contain lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, further improving comfort. The effects of VYCROSS® fillers can last up to 6 months longer than standard dermal fillers.

Katie Alex is an advocate for a subtle, natural look. Using her extensive experience and medical training, she is able to perfectly tailor your dermal filler treatments to you, to help you feel fresher, brighter and younger, while still maintaining and enhancing your natural beauty.

For further information about dermal fillers in Cheshire or the surrounding area, or to arrange your free consultation please call the clinic on 0161 327 0951